The Control room is a relaxed space that gives full view of the live room.            

  It offers an impressive 48 channel fully automated digital mixing desk by Tascam.

MOTU and Protools outboards interfacing with 3 Powermacs and high spec touch screen PCs.

A vast amount of up to date, quality Plug ins including waves, melodine, autotune and Guitar rig.

There is also Reel to Reel for that unique warm sound.

We can cater for any special equipment requirements and we have an extensive array of session musicians

We offer  both recording and composition by a skilled and accredited producer/song writer that is always on hand for any queries, additional help or advice required.                   Full Albums                                                                       Band Demos                                                                       Live Recording                                                               Soloists                                                                                 Voice Overs                                                                            DJ Mixes/ Remixes                                                         Composition for Media/ Film/ TV/ Corperate             Composition of songs for artists                                        Audio Editing


 We also offer a range of studio experience days to suit, details are available on our prices page.








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